Rules & Regulations

Any changes made to these regulations will be at the discretion of the clan commanders. Officers, game-supervisors, and game-commanders may make a proposition to abolish or alter an already existing regulation. This proposition will then be sent to the clan commanders for approval or denial. Punishments for violating any of these rules may range from a warning, demotion, suspension, or even dismissal from the clan depending on the severity of the offense.

  • "Double-clanning" in any game that is supported by the Battalion of Gamers is forbidden and will result in immediate dismissal of that particular member. Members are allowed to be active in another clan for any game that is not supported by us. Should a game later be adopted that member will have to resign from one clan.

  • Promotions are based upon seniority and will be at the discretion of the game and clan commanders. They are awarded for service length, performance, and activity in the clan. Specific positions require additional experience before allowing an advancement.

  • Members are considered recruits upon being accepted into the Battalion of Gamers for two weeks and cannot recruit or participate in any sponsored tournaments or league matches. At any time in two weeks they can be dismissed by a game or clan commander without reason.

  • Former members who have resigned with an honorable discharge have the option to have their membership reinstated without the required two week trial period. Members will be reinstated at the position of Corporal and won't be eligible for promotion for forty-five days.

  • Members are to respect their clan mates and the decisions of the commanders. Members who consistently show disrespect will be demoted. Repeated instances will result in a dishonorable discharge. This regulation is subject to enforcement on the website, servers, and consoles where members are able to communicate.