Welcome to Battalion of Gamers

We are an online co-op campaign and multiplayer matchmaking clan. We are recruiting for Company of Heroes 2, Day of Infamy, and Insurgency. Should you be interested in joining our clan we encourage you to submit an application. We have a 32 slot Insurgency server and a 25 slot TeamSpeak server.

Breaking News

Just 10 more days until Battlefield 1 release.

Posted on 11 Oct 2016 by Solidarius

The time has come to prepare for the release of Battlefield 1. Since we are only ten days from release of the game we will move Battlefield 1 into a "Game in Progress" status. Once we have recruited ten non-existing members into the clan Battlefield 1 will become an "Active Game." Once it evolves into "Active Game" specific leadership will be assigned to manage the day to day experience. Our clan will establish an in-game Platoon on day one and will begin signing-up currently enlisted members who are interested in playing Battlefield 1. If you have a passion for gaming and a thirst for power with the ability to achieve success now is the opportunity to step up into a leadership role.

Discord Server Online

Posted on 09 Oct 2016 by Solidarius

We now officially have our own Discord server. Members and new applicants are encouraged to join our new voice server. Please use the following link to immediately join the server. Should you have any questions please contact an admin for setup questions.